Art and Design


The Art Department at Ancora House School is central to the work we do with all young people, regardless of whether they are taking Art as an exam subject or just for fun. Our belief is that creativity is an integral part of being human,all of us have the capacity to succeed in the arena of Arts and Crafts.

The majority of young people begin their educational journey in the Art room for an initial assessment period. Here they are also introduced to a variety of interest led Art and Design to enable us to create personal and individual projects or outcomes.

Art and Design sessions are designed to serve as a helpful and positive distraction well as providing opportunity for young people to develop new skills and gain confidence in their new surroundings. We strive to make the subject accessible for all, without compromising on the quality of work produced. We frequently find learners commenting that prior to coming to Ancora House School they ‘didn’t think they were any good at Art’ yet their outcomes here are incredible.

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