Admissions Information


Admission to Ancora House School - hospital site, is dependent upon being admitted as an inpatient to Ancora House, a Tier 4 CAMHS adolescent mental health unit. The Clinical Assessment and Outreach team are responsible for all admissions to Ancora House. The service covers the Cheshire and Merseyside region. Referrals come from Tier 3 CAMHS teams, 16-19 services, adult home crisis treatment and psychiatric liaison teams.  In addition, referrals are accepted from other Tier 4 inpatient services. For further information on referral to the inpatient unit please contact: 01244 397333.


Admission to Ancora House School - community site, is via a referral process. The community site caters for young people from the Cheshire West and Chester local authority who are not able to attend their home school because of a medical need. All referrals to the Medical Education Team must come directly from the child’s school, using the Medical Education Referral Form. Schools fill in Part A and this must be supported by medical evidence from one of the following health professionals:

  • consultant paediatrician or adolescent psychiatrist
  • consultant child psychiatrist
  • hospital consultant

Please note: Supporting evidence from a General Practitioner alone cannot be accepted. The health professional will need to complete Part B of the referral form and return it to the referring school.

Referrals should be directed to:




Ancora House School, Countess of Chester Health Park, Liverpool Road, Cheshire, CH2 1BQ

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